Siamese Cat Toys

Those who play together, stay together. That's the motto I use when it comes to playing with my Siamese cats. And one of the characteristics that separate Siamese cats from all others is their love of playing all through their adulthood. Of course all cats vary, and the there are plenty of adult cats that are non-Siamese that also love to play. But Siamese cat adults as a whole love to play, and often as if they were still kittens. I have two adult, apple-head females, and one plays like a kitten constantly, and the other plays a little less.

When I go to the pet store, I am amazed at the assortment of cat toys there are, and by their prices. I discovered right away that most of them can be made at home on the cheap. Here are a few of the toys I have created for my adult Siamese cats that they loved.

Warning & Disclaimer: Be sure to hide the toys you make from your cats when you're done playing. Never leave a cat alone with these. Create these toys and use them with your cats at your own risk.

Cat in a Box
All cats love boxes. And Siamese cats absolutely love boxes. So I have created many cat condos over the years using nothing but boxes, scissors and packing tape. I gather two to four boxes of different sizes (all bigger than my cats obviously) and combine them in a creative way, and cut cat-sized holes in them to connect them all.

Maybe I'll tape two boxes together side by side and then another on top. I cut a hole on the side of one of the bottom ones, and then another hole in the top and bottom of the two that are on top of each other. The trick is to envision the configuration in advance and cut the holes first, and then tape the boxes together.

Fishing Line & Toy
This one requires that you purchase one of those fake mice from the pet store. The mouse I am talking about is hard, the size of a mouse, with a leather tail and some kind of pelt. All you need is one of those, strong fishing line and sewing needle. I cut about ten feet of fishing line and then string it into my sewing needle and push the needle through the head or snout of the toy mouse and then tie the fishing line.

You'll need a fairly large and strong needle to get through the toy, but I've done it many times. Now you have a way to make the toy mouse move that is slightly invisible to your Siamese cat. And this one is great for lying on the couch watching TV. You can throw the mouse while laying down, just hang on to the other end of the fishing line. Your cat chases it and then you reel it in to throw it again. Perfect for the lazy person.

This concept can be applied to other little toys such as the various feather toys you can get at the pet store. Just make sure it weighs enough to throw it.

Fishing Line & Super Ball
This is the exact same as the one above and you accomplish it the same way, but I use a super ball instead. It deserves its own separate listing because you use it a little differently. Use a super ball that is no more than an inch in diameter. Use fifteen or twenty feet of fishing line. A needle can go through a super ball easily. When you use this toy, be careful not to bonk your cat over the head. I like to use this one in the basement where I can bounce it off of the concrete floor and other hard surfaces.  I hang on to the empty end of the fishing line, and then throw the ball at a hard surface in front of my cats and they chase the heck out of it.

One key to getting your cat to play with you is to throw or roll things on the floor right in front of their faces, as if they were in a bush and a chipmunk scurried by. Most cats can't stop themselves from chasing.

Dutch Oven Critter
This is a very simple yet effective "toy" for your cat. You may have discovered this one already too. If you put your cat on your bed and then slip your hand under the comforter or blanket and move it around like a little animal, your cat will pounce on it endlessly. I recommend that you have a good size comforter or a blanket and sheet at least, because your cat will you his or her claws and could make minced meat of your hand if there isn't enough fabric. Again, this is a good one to do while lying down too.

Hopefully this gives you some good ideas. Remember, those who play together, stay together.



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